We have been offering general education at our six-year and four-year Grammar School for 30 years now also with extensive teaching of humanities and a special focus on languages. The tuition, which culminates with the school-leaving examination, takes place only as full-time study according to the School Educational Programme, which has been created in accordance with the statutory Framework Educational Programme based on Act No. 561/2004 Coll., as amended, on preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary and other education (the Education Act). As one of few schools, our Grammar School is licensed by the Ministry of Education to teach some subjects in a foreign language, which is also reflected in our students’ school reports. PRIGO cooperates with over 20 foreign schools, from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, USA and China (click here). These aspects help our students initiate their university studies more easily both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Language teaching takes place in a newly built language and computer classroom and also uses the elements of the so-called blended learning – operational on-line teaching involving e-learning and multimedia resources. Two new natural-science classrooms have also been completed and opened recently. We have also newly opened a botanical garden with a school greenhouse and an outdoor natural science classroom. For the purpose of social sciences education, we also opened a courtroom replica, in which our students can participate in real-like legal proceedings while wearing court dresses and role-playing in a courtroom environment.

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We are a faculty school of the Law Faculty of the Palacky University in Olomouc


General information

Six-year Grammar School – Grammar School programme 79-41-K/61

Six-year Grammar Schools are a compromise solution between four-year and eight-year Grammar Schools. These admit pupils from the seventh year of elementary school, in which pupils show a clearer specialisation, their psychological maturity is higher, and they get in contact with their older peers of the Grammar School without problems. At the same time, we can detect and encourage the children’s talents for certain disciplines earlier and more often than in the case of four-year Grammar Schools. The parents’ choices and aspirations for their children’s further education appear more responsibly. For the above-mentioned reasons, the founder and the school management have decided to accredit the six-year Grammar School. It is one of very few similarly specialised six-year Grammar Schools in the Moravian-Silesian region. In view of the fact that there are only several six-year Grammar Schools and there is a limited number of applications for secondary schools, the admission procedure for talented children is not so stressful as in the case of four-year Grammar Schools because if they fail in the entrance examinations, they still have an option of applying for the four-year Grammar School.

The curriculum and the school educational programme can be downloaded here (available in the Czech language only).

Four-year Grammar School – Grammar School programme 79-41-K/41

The programme of the general four-year Grammar School focuses on gifted students who have decided to start studying at a high school after completing the compulsory education at the elementary school. These are students who want to have the typical Grammar-school education but who also want to be specialised in humanities and languages.

The curriculum and the school educational programme can be downloaded here (available in the Czech language only).


We focus on the extended teaching of subjects related to the humanities and the preparation for admissions and studies at universities of that specialisation. We are a faculty school of the University of Ostrava and a faculty school of the Law Faculty of the Palacky University, which is a significant asset to our teaching. Our Grammar School further cooperates with teachers from faculties of humanities, and our students are involved in many projects in this area. Unlike the secondary schools of humanities, we do not prepare our students for a profession in humanities after they have completed the secondary school – we focus on further studies at universities specialised in these fields by guiding and motivating our students through various school and extra-curricular activities. Apart from solid knowledge in humanities, our garduates will acquire excellent language skills and general socio-cultural awareness, which will enable them to apply for any university after finishing our Grammar School. The decision is always up to the students themselves – as they, especially in senior years, select from a wide range of optional subject in order to tailor their study specialisation to their preferred university choices.

The other specialisation is languages. All specialisations take into account the exclusive teaching of foreign languages – development of language skills and preparation for the school-leaving exam and the International Baccalaureate (IB). Despite the specialisations mentioned above, the education we provide is in accordance with the Framework Educational Programme for Grammar Schools, so our graduates receive universal education, including instruction in humanities, culture – and excellent language skills. Our students have broad general knowledge with excellent results in the school leaving exam and they become successful in their further studies at prestigious universities in the country and very often abroad.

You can find information about the admission procedure here.

School and classroom facilities

The school is situated at Mojmírovců St. in a very pleasant neighbourhood of the residential part of Ostrava – Mariánské Hory, close to 28. října St., with very good transportation accessibility both by car and tram (lines 4, 8 and 9). The Prostorná tram stop is less than 200 m away. Vast school grounds for students’ extracurricular activities make part of the school’s premises. The school’s interior is modernly equipped and mostly newly reconstructed. Another new hall has been opened this year. The classrooms are furnished with new or fairly new chairs and desks with inbuilt computers, and the classrooms also include multimedia equipment with overhead projectors. Interactive boards and specialised laboratories, such as for teaching chemistry, biology or languages, are a commonplace. We also have our own gym on our school premises, which is also very well equipped. We have completed a language and computer classroom, a new classroom-courtroom, two new science classrooms, a botanical garden with a school greenhouse and an outdoor classroom. Our students can also spend their leisure time by playing at two table-football tables, a table tennis table and now also outdoor skittles. You can have a look at our school by clicking here or you can discover our Grammar School from the perspective of our students here.

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Tuition and scholarship


We are pleased to note that at its January meeting, the PRIGO Strategic Board confirmed significantly reduced tuition fees in all secondary schools of the PRIGO group, and fully complied with the proposal of the management of the individual schools. We are happy that even in these difficult times we can maintain low, favorable and discounted school fees for everyone, and we also thank our donors for this.

Tuition fees for students without serious disciplinary offenses who start their studies from the 2023/2024 school year is set (after including all benefits and subsidies from the scholarship fund) in the amount of CZK 1,990 per month (payment for 12 months) or, with a discount, a total of only CZK 19,900 annually, in the case of a one-off payment made by 30.6.2023. Discounted tuition is guaranteed for the entire period of study. The terms of payment are determined by the study contract.

The standard tuition fee, excluding this special offer, is 9,990 CZK per month (payment for 12 months) or 99,900 CZK per year in the case of a one-off payment. The subsidy beyond the discounted tuition is paid from the scholarship fund.

The PRIGO Strategic Board further confirmed zero tuition fees in the International Baccalaureate program for all students from PRIGO secondary schools. This program is a ticket to prestigious world universities.


Account number: 373616203/0300
Constant symbol: 0308
Variable symbol: student ID number
Message for the recipient: social security number, purpose of payment, surname and first name (example of a sample message: XXXXXX/1234, school fees 2023/24, Novák Jan)


The PRIGO Strategic Board also confirmed the program of social scholarships for talented students, as well as the merit and scientific scholarship program for all students of grammar schools and high schools from the PRIGO group. More information is available at the study department. Furthermore, the event of providing a free iPad for each student, which can be used for school and personal use, and which remains with the student after the end of the studies, was confirmed.