Six-year Grammar School

Changes to the conditions of the admission procedure are reserved, especially with regard to the upcoming amendment to the Education Act..

The admissions process for the 2023/2024 school year is open only for the 4-year gymnasium course. There will be no admission procedure for the 6-year grammar school. We look forward to welcoming students for the 6-year high school course in the 2024/2025 school year.

The PRIGO Language and Humanities Grammar School is a secondary school which initiated its activity in 1993 as the first non-state high school in Ostrava and the surrounding area.
The school provides education in the six-year and four-year Grammar School.

Six-year Grammar School – Grammar School programme 79-41-K/61

Six-year Grammar Schools are a compromise solution between four-year and eight-year Grammar Schools. These admit pupils from the seventh year of elementary school, in which pupils show a clearer specialisation, their psychological maturity is higher, and they get in contact with their older peers of the high school without problems. At the same time, we can detect and encourage the children´s talents for certain disciplines earlier and more often than in the case of four-year Grammar Schools. The parents´choices and aspirations for their children´s further education appear more responsibly. For the above-mentioned reasons, the founder and the school management have decided to accredit the six-year Grammar School. It is one of few, similarly specialised six-year Grammar Schools in the Moravian-Silesian region. In view of the fact that there are only several six-year Grammar Schools and there is a limited number of applications for secondary schools, the admission procedure for talented children is not so stressful as in the case of four-year Grammar Schools because if the fail in the entrance examinations, they still have an option of applying for the four-year Grammar School.

The curriculum and the school educational programme can be downloaded here (available in the Czech language only). 

Admission conditions for full-time education for the 1st round

An applicant can obtain a maximum of 166 points for all parts of the entrance examination: a maximum of 100 points for the state examination and a maximum of 66 points for the school part of the examination. The pupils attending the first round of the entrance examinations will be ranked according to the results of both parts of the examinations. Those students placed between the 1st position and the position corresponding to the ranking of the student placed last within the capacity announced for the 1st round of the admissions for a given subject of study will be admitted to studies. Also those students who have gained the same number of points as the last listed applicant will be admitted to studies as well. The secondary evaluation for determining the order, in case of agreement of the point evaluation, is the average benefit according to point 1 (criteria for recognition of the school entrance exam).

Entrance examination

The entrance examination is composed from the evaluation of the following parts:
1) result of the state entrance examination (a maximum of 100 points),
2) result of the school entrance examination (max. 66 points).

The joint (state) entrance examination consists of two didactic tests a) Czech language and literature (a sample here) and b) Mathematics (a sample here). Applicants receive a maximum of 50 points for the individual didactic tests. The highest possible number of points for the state examination is therefore 100 points if the applicant responds correctly to all the questions in both tests. The school entrance examination consists of the General Educational Prerequisites (samples here). Depending on the test result, applicants can obtain up to 66 points. The information on the preparatory course for the school entrance examination can be found here.

Recognition of the school entrance examination

An applicant may be exempt from attending the entrance examination, receiving the maximum of 66 points without the need to pass the test of general studies requirements, if at least one of the following criteria is met. If there is a request for the recognition of the school part of the entrance examination according to the following points 4 to 8, enclosing a statutory declaration with attachments is a necessary condition (to download from here). The statutory declaration is an integral part of the application.

Criteria for the recognition of the school entrance examination

Six-year grammar school
1) the average benefit from all subjects in the sixth and seventh grades of primary school did not exceed 1.4 (the school results from the 1st and 2nd half of the 6th grade and the 1st half of the 7th grade are documented)
2) the average benefit from all subjects in the sixth or seventh grade of primary school did not exceed the value of 1.3 (the school results from the 1st and 2nd half of the 6th grade and the 1st half of the 7th grade are documented)
3) the average benefit from at least 2 of the following subjects (Czech language, English language or History) in the seventh grade of primary school did not exceed 1.1 and the total benefit from all subjects in the sixth and seventh grade does not exceed 1.7 (the school results from the 1st and 2nd half of the 6th grade and the 1st half of the 7th grade are documented)
4) placement on the 1st – 5th place in the regional or district round of the mathematical, chemical, physical, geographical or astronomical Olympiad, or the Olympiad in the Czech language, ev. equivalent competitions announced by the Ministry of Education, regions or schools (eg Mathematical Kangaroo, Bobřík Informatics, etc.)
5) passing a certified language exam in English, German, French or Spanish at level A2 and higher (eg KET, PET, FIN in DEUTSCH 2, FLYERS)
6) on the basis of current and documented membership in Mense ČR (IQ value is greater than or equal to 130)
7) placement in the first 30% of the ranking in the Logical Olympiad organized by the Mensa ČR in the regional round at least once during the study at primary school
8) on the basis of a decision of the Director of the Language and Humanities GYMNÁZIA PRIGO on the basis of an administrative discretion to recognize type-equivalent or similar achievements referred to in point 4) and 5) worthy of special consideration

In the case of applicants who finished school earlier, the conditions set by the Education Act apply.

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