IB Application

The deadline for applications for the 1st round is set for May 24, 2024.

Online application can be filled out here (available in the Czech language only).

An obligatory part of the application is an essay reflecting the motivation for studying the IB DP and the professional focus of the applicant (the recommended extent is 10 standard pages). The structure of the essay is not prescribed, and its content is subject to the free creation of the candidate. The essay must be submitted no later than May 24, 2024 (to the school secretariat or via regular post with a postmark dated no later than May 24, 2024).

The application further includes a letter of recommendation. The letter is not mandatory, but only a recommended annex to the application. It could be a statement of a teacher from the current secondary school, preferably of a subject related to the applicant’s preferred field of interest. The date and method of delivery remain the same as for the essay.