Tuition and scholarship


We are pleased to note that at its January meeting, the PRIGO Strategic Board confirmed significantly reduced tuition fees in all secondary schools of the PRIGO group, and fully complied with the proposal of the management of the individual schools. We are happy that even in these difficult times we can maintain low, favorable and discounted school fees for everyone, and we also thank our donors for this.

Tuition fees for students without serious disciplinary offenses who start their studies from the 2023/2024 school year is set (after including all benefits and subsidies from the scholarship fund) in the amount of CZK 1,990 per month (payment for 12 months) or, with a discount, a total of only CZK 19,900 annually, in the case of a one-off payment made by 30.6.2023. Discounted tuition is guaranteed for the entire period of study. The terms of payment are determined by the study contract.

The standard tuition fee, excluding this special offer, is 9,990 CZK per month (payment for 12 months) or 99,900 CZK per year in the case of a one-off payment. The subsidy beyond the discounted tuition is paid from the scholarship fund.

The PRIGO Strategic Board further confirmed zero tuition fees in the International Baccalaureate program for all students from PRIGO secondary schools. This program is a ticket to prestigious world universities.


Account number: 373616203/0300
Constant symbol: 0308
Variable symbol: student ID number
Message for the recipient: social security number, purpose of payment, surname and first name (example of a sample message: XXXXXX/1234, school fees 2023/24, Novák Jan)


The PRIGO Strategic Board also confirmed the program of social scholarships for talented students, as well as the merit and scientific scholarship program for all students of grammar schools and high schools from the PRIGO group. More information is available at the study department. Furthermore, the event of providing a free iPad for each student, which can be used for school and personal use, and which remains with the student after the end of the studies, was confirmed.