We focus on the extended teaching of subjects related to the humanities and the preparation for admissions and studies at universities of that specialisation. We are a university school of the University of Ostrava, which significantly helps us in our teaching. Our Grammar School further cooperates with teachers from faculties of humanities, and our students are involved in many projects in this area. Unlike the secondary schools of humanities, we do not prepare our students for a profession in humanities after they have completed the secondary school – we focus on further possible studies at universities specialised in these fields, by guiding and motivating our students through various school and extra-curricular activities. We prepare our graduates who will be specialised in humanities with excellent language skills and general social and cultural knowledge, which will enable them to apply for any university after finishing our Grammar School. The decision is always up to the students themselves – as they, especially in senior years, select from a wide range of optional subject in order to tailor their study specialisation to their preferred university choices.

The other specialisation is languages. All specialisations take into account the exclusive teaching of foreign languages – development of language skills and preparation for the school-leaving exam and the International Baccalaureate (IB). Despite the specialisations mentioned above, the education we provide is in accordance with the Framework Educational Programme for Grammar Schools, so our graduates receive universal education, including instruction in humanities, culture – and excellent language skills. Our students have broad general knowledge with excellent results in the school leaving exam and they become successful in their further studies at prestigious universities in the country and very often abroad.

You can find information about the admission procedure here.